The field is ready for use thanks to the hard work put in by Dusan and Anthony.
It has been rolled and cut and the canopy and windsock are in place.

Due to the ongoing construction, the driveway and parking lot has been scraped and levelled, but in the process, most of the gravel has been removed.
Therefore, the driveway and parking lot will be muddy for a couple of days after a rain.
Once the construction is finished, we are hoping for a full restoration of the lot.

Currently, the intersection of 10 side road and 10th line is open during the construction, but it may be closed for a period.
If that happens, you will have to approach the field from the 9th line (Mountainview Rd), and come east on 10 side road.

There might be a time or two when there might not be access to the field because of the construction.
We can’t forecast this and apologise for the inconvenience this will cause.

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