Hello everyone .. I hope you are all well and coping during this difficult time of distancing and isolation. Let’s hope this thing is over soon or at least improves to the point where we can get back to some more normal state.

I just had a discussion with one of the Region of Halton Bylaw Hot line officials and got some good news with respect to our field and plans for this flying season.

It appears that we will be OK to fly as soon as we can officially open the field. However this will not happen until things dry up and Anthony and I can get the machines on to the field to cut etc.Things are still really wet in places. We then also must follow the recommended distancing guidelines as well as some rules that I want to propose for everyone that comes to the field to fly.

First of all let’s keep as low a profile as possible, so for the time being only members will be allowed on site. No friends, kids, dogs or family members for now and we can see how this works out later as they ease restrictions.

We will allow a maximum of five (5) members at the field at any given time. You guys can keep the email channels open when planning to come out as before, which can work really well.

Each person entering the gate must stop once inside, close and re lock before proceeding to parking area. This will prevent other people, non members being curios deciding to come in to see what is going on.

In the pit area make sure that you all space yourselves out sufficiently so you are at least six feet away from each other. That includes the picnic tables. We don’t plan to put up the canopy for now.

At the flight line please use one of the patio stone pilot stations which should provide sufficient spacing if we have multiple fliers at the field.

If someone happens to dead stick into the high grass surrounding the field, unfortunately they will be on their own with regards to retrieval of the aircraft for now. I know we all normally would like to help but it is better to play safe.

That is all for now, we will let everyone know as soon as the field is ready to go and things dry out a bit more. During this epidemic I think we all should use some common sense and if anyone feels they need to use masks or gloves on site then feel free to do so.

I think I have covered most of the points I wanted to, however if anyone has any other suggestions or ideas please feel free to let me know.

Cheers Everyone .. Stay safe, wash your hands and remember your social distancing rules!


Dusan Rancic

GRCC President 

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