At this point we are finally ready and able to fly, but keep in mind that we must follow the procedures I had outlined previously.

-There must not be any more than five (5) people at the field at any given time.

-Before deciding to go out please send out an email to advise everyone when you plan to be there so that they all can make plans accordingly. Do not bring friends, and non flying family members as they would all be considered into the five person on site maximum count.

-Once you open the gate .. proceed into the driveway and then re close the gate behind you so that no strangers decide to go in if they see someone at the field.

-Make sure you practice the six foot separation (distancing guideline) in the pit area or for that matter anywhere on site.

-When flying use one of the patio stone flight stations, again to make certain you separate yourself from others on the field.

-When flying stay more to the South end of the property and away from the large dirt mound along the #10 side road as much as possible when making an approach from that direction.

I would also like to mention that I have seen lot’s of people walking dogs or bringing kids close to the pond area so if someone tries to drop by do not allow them close to the field.

The issue right now is that the Region still has not been able to install gates at the two entry points to the pond so people think this is some sort of park. They will also be installing a fence line just to the west side of the pond along the new tree line (small trees they planted), from #10 side road, south towards the mound of dirt at the south end of the property.

Although they have been telling me that our silt fence will be removed I found out that the contractor has been having issues getting people to come out to work. Hopefully some day.

The canopy is not up yet and will not be for a while as we don’t want people gathering there.

Stay safe and hopefully things will improve soon and we can get back to some sort of normal.

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