Safety is our number one priority. Please read the club rules which are listed below.

Club Rules

While most of these rules are common sense rules, please review the full safety document on the M.A.A.C. website.
  1. Pilots are to remain 7 meters (23 feet) back from the flight line while flying.
  2. Only club members are allowed in the pit area.
  3. While starting aircraft, please use a restraint to prevent accidental aircraft movement.
  4. Always announce intentions when landing and taking off.
  5. Members are not allowed on the field (south of flight line) without announcing their intentions while other aircraft are in the air.
  6. While flying, all pilots are to respect the flight line. Take offs and landings, for both vertical and horizontal, must be accomplished on the south side of the flight line (Please note the position of the flight line when approaching from the north or west corners of the field).
  7. Landing while directly approaching the pit/spectator area (SE Approach) is strictly forbidden.
  8. Frequency control for 72 mhz radios to be monitored to avoid possible interference (Frequency pin to be placed on frequency board during radio operation).
  9. Flyers must not overfly the 10th line road, located to the east of the field, or over past the hill on the NW side of the field (between the field and 10 sideroad).

Hours of Operation

  • Hours of operation are between 09:00 – 21:00
  • The field is available for use by members year-round as long as the driveway/parking lot and field are not soft